Hosi Siyandhani’s inauguration paves way for development

Hosi Siyandhani’s inauguration paves way for development

After a long battle for chieftaincy between Hosi Ngove (Penny Mabunda) and Hosi Siyandhani (Famanda Chavalala) of Siyandhani village in Giyani which resulted in slow development in the village and the CBD, the town might see some new development as the later was finally recognised as a chief.

Hosi Siyandhani during his inauguration recently

During his inauguration as a chief recently, Hosi Siyandhani promised to unlock development in his village and the town’s CBD which had been slow due to his battle with Hosi Ngove. He said he wanted to ensure that more jobs were created through the unlocking of land whenever it is needed for development.

“I know that the town was captured by one man who did not allow development, but now that I’m in things will change, I promise you that many jobs will be created,” he said in a veil reference to Hosi Ngove.

According to him, there were already car manufacturing companies such as Toyota and Audi that were coming to establish their manufacturing plants in Giyani. “They would be manufacturing their cars right here in this village for the benefit of my people,” he said, urging Giyani municipality to fast-track the upgrading of the current airport to ensure that business people were able to fly in and out of Giyani with ease.

MEC for Health Phophi Ramathuba officially inaugurate Hosi Siyandhani

The war between the two chiefs’ started in 2010 when Ngove stopped the construction of a multi-million rand community structure at Siyandhani village claiming he had not been consulted about its construction as a chief in the area. He insisted that the current chief Siyandhani was just a Headman, and therefore had no authority to sanction the construction of such structure without his approval.

On the other hand, Siyandhani refused to bow to him, saying he would not consult anyone since he was a chief himself and not a headman. Meanwhile the funds to build this structure were part of land claim compensation, which Hosi Siyandhani had opted to use for the structure, instead of sharing it among the beneficiaries. The war between the two raged on for years until it was finally resolved by land claim commission.

From left MEC for Health Phophi Ramathuba and Giyani Municipal Manager Maxwell Mkhacani dance while Hosi Siyandhani is seated in the middle

Speaking on behalf of the MEC for CoGHSTA, and the premier of province, the MEC for Health Dr Phophi Ramathuba reminded Hosi Siyandhani that it was important that there be a reconciliation between those that were against him during his battle with Ngove and those that were in favour of his chieftaincy so that service delivery would reach everyone.

“I understand that there might be people that were against you during your fight for chieftaincy, but now that you are a chief, as a government I advise you to reconcile with everyone. Forgive and forget the differences that you had with them so that everybody would be able to get equal services under your leadership,” she said.