Miscommunication led to the public outcry

Miscommunication led to the public outcry

The MEC for Roads and Transport Dickson Masemola moves in to allay fears over the alleged poor quality construction work at Giyani-to-Phalaborwa road which has over the years been a thorn in the flesh for many motorists travelling between the two municipalities.

With the road currently stands at over 60% complete, community members living along it had picked up few things which they believed were shoddy work, and raised alarm that led to the MEC coming down to Giyani from Polokwane to investigate the allegations.

The contractor was then summoned to meet community stakeholders, where issue of quality was discussed in greater detail with the contractor clarifying areas of concern that had caused the community to panic. It was from this discussion that it was established that what looked like shoddy work was actually not a final work, but a work in progress that was mistook to be complete by community members.

MEC Inspecting Phalaborwa road

After the discussion the MEC instructed that there should be a flow of communication between the contractor and the local communities so that all their concerns would be addressed on time before things get out of hand. “Had this been communicated to the community, we would not be here today,” explained the MEC while addressing stakeholders at the construction site.

“As we go forward we need to ensure that all the necessary information related to the project is communicated to the people so that we are able to promptly respond to any concern arising from the project before things get out of hand,” said the MEC warning the project managers to ensure that they regularly report the progress to local community.

Hosi Mahumani on the other hand welcomed the MEC’s swift response to the community’s concern which had apparently been voiced out through a video that went viral showing a poor construction site purported to be complete. “I’m happy that all have been clarified, because if what we see now was a complete work, then one could be sure that you are indeed not giving us a quality road,” he said.

Meanwhile the construction has resumed at the site after the community and all stakeholders were clarified that the road would be constructed according to specifications to ensure that the expected quality is achieved.