Municipality receives bonus for good governance

Municipality receives bonus for good governance

Greater Giyani Municipality is one step closer towards the right direction in as far as clean audit is concern. This was evident when the municipality recently received Unqualified Audit opinion from the Auditor General, a huge improvement from its past financial audits.

In addition to that, the municipality further received R12million bonus from the treasury for good job after it had spent well its Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) for 2019/20 financial year.  

Speaking during the municipality’s budget sitting, the mayor Cllr Basani Shibambu said the municipality was on the right track to fine-tune the service delivery drive in Giyani, starting with the beefing up of human capital.

“We have managed to fill up all the critical positions such as that of the CFO, Technical Director, as well as the Director of Planning and Development. This adds up to 78 in total number of positions that we have filled up in this ending financial year,” explained the mayor.

According to her, the municipality intends to further fill up 46 more positions to enhance the current human capital’s drive for quality service.  “On the tools of trade, we have managed to secure 4 double cabs, one SUV and two TLB’s and a mobile vehicle test truck,” continued the mayor adding that the municipality also plans to buy a tow truck to add to the fleet.

Meanwhile the municipality tabled a total budget of R615, 6million for the year 2021/2022.  Of this budget, a total of R135, 2million is budgeted for capital projects while R171million would be for Capital acquisitions (assets). Employees Related Costs will take up to R173, 7million while those of councillors will cost R29, 9million.

Of this budget, Grants and Subsidies totals R408,7million while the municipal’s own revenue is only R206, 9million, an indication that the municipality still relies more on grants from the treasury than what it can generate on its own.

“Revenue collection is still one of our biggest challenges as many households continue to resist paying for their rates and taxes. And this, coupled with the slow payment from government departments, undermines our revenue collection,” explained the mayor urging communities to join hands and support municipal debt collection efforts.