Mayor celebrates birthday with destitute family

Mayor celebrates birthday with destitute family

“There’s no better way to celebrate one’s birthday than to do so in a manner that inspires others,” said the mayor as she shares her cake with Lucy Rikhotso, a beneficiary of a house that was built for her by the municipality at Ximawusa village.

Rikhotso is one of the beneficiaries that were spotted to be in need of a descent shelter when the mayor and the premier were doing door-to-door campaign for votes during an election-run for a replacement of ward councillor at the village earlier this year.

After seeing how poor Rikhotso was, the premier instructed the mayor to see to it that she gets a descent house to sleep in. “We promised then that we would be back, and we did. This is to prove that it wasn’t just for votes…as government we do care for our people,” explained the mayor. 

Talking about her birthday, the mayor said it was necessary to celebrate birthday with those that were in need in order to uplift them as well as inspire others to do good to other people that were in need. “I could have chosen to celebrate my birthday at Sandton, where I would probably get a massage in an expensive hotel, but as a leader it is important that I do it with the people that I lead,” continued the mayor.

As part of her celebration, the mayor brought in a grocery worth more than R2000 to Rikhotso’s family, which she handed over before she officially opened a house that the municipality has built for her with the help of GGM Technical services workers.