MAPC’s final say as term ends

MAPC’s final say as term ends

Municipal Public Account Committee (MPAC) has held its final public hearing session with the municipality as part of its role as an overseer of how municipal funds are managed. The hearing, which was held recently over virtual meeting, marks the end of the committee’s term in office.

Over the past 5years, the MPAC led by Cllr Oral Mabasa, has been monitoring the municipal’s management of public funds with a keen eye, and held back no punches when it comes to raising issues with the municipality. It was therefore recognised by SALGA as the most functional unit of all the MPAC units in the district due to its effective monitoring ways.

Under the watch of such MPAC team, it is therefore, not surprising that during its term in office, Greater Giyani municipality has for the first time in history, managed to secure an Unqualified audit opinion, coming short of just few steps away from obtaining clean audit.

The team, if not re-elected back into office after August elections, will therefore go down in history with a record of being one of the most functional MPAC team in both Greater Giyani municipality and Mopani district.

“This is all thanks to a team work between our members and the officials, otherwise we would probably have failed,” explained Mabasa, saying their first day in office was made easier with the help of municipal officials who showed them the ropes. “We would like to thank everybody that made our term in office easier and hope that you will do the same to the next team if we’re not back in office after August,” he said.