GGM concern about crime

GGM concern about crime

Following the recent spike in violent crimes committed to innocent people in the CBD, Greater Giyani municipality has, through the help of the residents, identified several crime hot spots where most crimes were committed.

These crime hot spots include abandoned buildings such as the ones at old Nkhensani Hospital, building inside the Golf Course, and many other sheltering structures scattered around the municipality that are either abandoned or are just not in frequent use by their owners.  

Together with the police, Greater Giyani Municipality visited some of these crime hot spots including areas along the Golf course fence where criminal often lie in wait for morning joggers to rob and stab them.

“What we did today was just a simply walk-about to familiarise the police with some of the crime hot spots that residents most complain about,” explained Cllr Tintswalo Baloyi who was acting mayor of the day.

“From here we will be going back to the boardroom where all the stakeholders are expected to get their heads together and map out a plan to deal with the situation better and protect our communities,” she said.