No more excuse for poor performance as MEC donates tablets

No more excuse for poor performance as MEC donates tablets

The MEC for Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA) Basikopo Makamu, has donated 80 tablets to grade 12 students at Matsambu High School, Nkuri village, in Giyani.

This was done with the intention to boost the learning capacity as well as unleash the potential of learners through the information and communications technology resources within the tablets.

“You don’t have a reason to underperform now that you have everything you need within those tablets,” said the MEC to the learners as he handed them the tablets loaded with grade 12 e-learning materials.

He warned them though that the tablets were not meant to be used for social media activities or relationships related communications between the students. “They are here to help you access better learning resources that you need to pass your exams,” he said.

Makamu further added that the decision on whether the students should keep the tablets after grade 12 or not would be left to their principal’s discretion.

“However, I would be happy if only those that proceed to universities were allowed to keep them if there are indications that they would not be able to afford another tablet while there,” he explained saying this would ensure that the tablets were not used for anything else other than educational matters.

Meanwhile the Limpopo MEC for Education, Polly Boshielo expressed her gratitude saying this would go a long way towards uplifting the education standard of the learners at the school.

“What the MEC Makamu did demonstrates the fact that education is a societal matter, and as a sector we welcome the gesture with a hope that it will help push up the school’s performance,” she said assuring the MEC for CoGHSTA that the tablets would be used for educational purposes.