Volunteers smile last as they get absorbed to work the road project

Volunteers smile last as they get absorbed to work the road project

Volunteers who used to patch potholes with soil on the road between Giyani College and Thomo village had their last laugh when the new contractor that has been hired to rehabilitate the road employed them in to be part of the project.

The road is one of the problematic roads in Greater Giyani municipality that are damaged beyond fixing. This rehabilitation has therefore been more than well welcomed by people that use that road on a daily basis.

However, there were concerns raised on how people were employed there, which the project manager quickly clarified that they asked the municipality for eight EPWP workers, to which the municipality apparently recommended that they employ volunteers who were already working on that road.

The rehabilitation of the road is said to run in phases, with phase one being expected to run from Giyani College up to Mninginisi village. This is expected to also boost access to the newly planned Shangoni Gate into Kruger National Park that goes via Muyexe and Mninginisi village.

Meanwhile the mayor of Greater Giyani Basani Shibambu has welcomed the initiative by provincial departments to tar the road, as well as absorbed into payroll, the people who were already doing some voluntary work there saying this would help alleviate poverty amongst the local people.

“We understand that the road will be done in phases, and are grateful that phase one alone, which is one-point-four kilomeretres is going to cover enough part of the damaged road that is mostly used on a daily basis,” she said.