Two kids drawn as one try to rescue the other

Two kids drawn as one try to rescue the other

Two boys from Maswanganyi village in Greater Giyani Municipality drowned while swimming at Middle Letaba River on Sunday afternoon. It is alleged that the elder one, Ntshembho Makhasa, 15, was apparently trying to save the 8-year-old friend Sabata Rikhotso, from drowning when he was overpowered by flowing water and drowned.

The youngest victim was retrieved by the community members a moment later after drowning, while it took the intervention of police divers to retrieve the older boy as he had been swept few metres away from the position of drowning. Apart from being friends, the boys were also neighbours who liked to play together as they were new in the area.

Meanwhile Greater Giyani Mayor Basani Shibambu sent her condolences to the families of the deceased saying what had befallen them was a tragedy that no parent could handle, since losing a child was a painful thing to happen to anyone. “Our hearts grieve for the families of the two kids…I wish I had enough words to take away their pain, but unfortunately there’s none,” she said.

The mayor continued further and appealed to all residents in Giyani to guard against their kids swimming in the streams or crossing flowing water as the rain weather condition continues to yield heavy rains across the province.

“As parents we should always be cognisance of where our kids go to play so we could warn them about the danger posed by the surrounding environment before it is too late,” continued the mayor as she acknowledged the efforts by the community of Maswanganyi village in trying to retrieve the bodies of the drowned kids.