Section-E streets rehabilitation project under spotlight

Section-E streets rehabilitation project under spotlight

Municipality worried about the quality of work at Section-E streets rehabilitation project

Greater Giyani Municipality is aware of construction glitches at the tarring project in Section-E and F streets. The streets have been under construction since late last year as part of the municipality’s plans to rehabilitate all the local streets.

However, during the course of construction the community members observed some defects on the rehabilitated streets, and complained to the municipality that they were not satisfied with the contractor’s work.

This led to the municipality’s intervention to have the contractor address the areas of concern in order for the project to retain the quality work that would be in accordance with the contract’s specification.

However, with the rains pouring in unpredictably now-and-then and causing floods in some areas, this task has proved impossible to complete on several occasions, hence there has been some delays in completion of the project.

“What we’re currently doing is assess the situation and then compile a report of the whole assessment so we could see how to move forward or correct any mistake that we might come across,” explained Giyani mayor Basani Shibambu during her recent site visit to the construction site.

“Our understanding is that the contractor has been trying to rectify some of the issues that the community had risen, however the rain weather condition has not been kind to him,” continued the mayor calling upon community members to exercise patience.

“Do not worry too much about what you see or have saw earlier on the project because everything has been taken care of…the defects that some of you were complaining about are being attended to,” she said.