Hail storm destroys homes

Hail storm destroys homes

Families left without roofs after a hail storm

Hundred and thirty-five families from 10 villages in Giyani have been affected by the recent hail storm which left one person dead at Mphakane village as it pounded over the town and the surrounding villages.

The victim, a 34-year old man was apparently paddling home on his bicycle when he was apparently struck by a lightning and died instantly on the spot. Other people on the other hand had their roofs blown out and walls falling down on house furniture.

Following this disaster, the MEC for CoGHSTA in the province Basikopo Makamu visited several homes of the victims at Dzingidzingi, Mphakane, and Munghonghoma village to handover food parcels as well as assess the situation before his department could see how to help the affected families.

The MEC urged officials handling disaster matters to quickly submit applications for disaster funds so that those who are affected could be helped faster. “You must understand that all municipalities in the country get their disaster funds from the national department so applications approvals are based on first-come-first save basis,” he said.

The MEC further instructed officials from his department to collect data of all the chicken farmers who have lost their chickens to the storm so that they could be compensated for their loss by the department of Agriculture.

“So far I have seen several chicken farmers who have lost their chickens, some of whom do not even have enough money to recover from the loss, I, therefore, want you to take stock of their loses and forward it to the Department of Agriculture so that they could be compensated for their loss,” continued the MEC urging disaster team to continue searching for damages.