Trouble road finally gets a contractor

Trouble road finally gets a contractor

The pothole ridden road between Giyani and Phalaborwa which has been problematic for some time now has finally been assigned a contractor to rehabilitate it and put a stop to accidents and delays that have been happening there due to potholes.

According to the MEC for Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure Dickson Masemola, the first phase of the project, which is expected to run through six months, will cost R40million, while the completion of the project itself will run over 12months covering 47km of the road.

The MEC further said that the scope of work that would be allocated to subcontractors would only constitute 10% of the total cost of the project instead of the usual 30%, since the road was not being built from scratch rather being rehabilitated, meaning there would be less work that would require subcontractors.

“The scope of work required when rehabilitating a road is different from when tarring a road from scratch because then you would need a lot of road preparations before you could cover the surface with tar,” said the MEC before he apologised to the people of Giyani and other road users that “the problem took quite a reasonable period of time,” before it was attended to.

He further cautioned against infighting, saying the project should not be delayed by technicalities such as where the site office should be erected or subcontractors demanding for what they did not work for, as that would further prolong the torment to the people that use that road on daily basis.