Launch of Local Gossiper Newspaper

Launch of Local Gossiper Newspaper

The advent of Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it challenges that have quicken up the already slow-dying-process of the print media industry. While it is no secret that the rise in the use of smart phones technology and internet is the main culprit in this regard, the pandemic was a final nail into the coffin for the print media industry.

For some, this slow-dying process began to be apparent during the lockdown when they struggled to distribute or sell enough newspapers due to a reduced demand of the printed news caused by migration of readers into digital news platform.

This was even more evident in February this year when Sunday Times and other big national print media houses recorded a drop of nearly half of their weekly distributions. It is because of this new trend of migrating into online news platforms that led to the birth of “The Local Gossiper.”

The platform intends to cater for those that prefer reading their news online; and more importantly to keep the people of Mopani and Vhembe region informed of what is happening around them.

Although aimed for online audience, the platform will also produce printed products to cater for those who still yearn for the traditional means of reading news on a printed paper.

The new platform can be accessed on from the 12th of March as we launch it live for the first time.

Please join us as we launch this platform and let us know what news you expect us to cover in your area.

Email us on; call or whatsapp us on 0725001719/ 076 525 8306 to chat with us.