Water relief for Sikhiming village

Water relief for Sikhiming village

The Sand Water extraction project recently built at Sikhiming village in Giyani may be a solution to water scarcity in the municipality and the province at large according to Minister for Human Settlement, Water and Sanitation Lindiwe Sisulu.

The project extracts or sucks out water from dried river using pumps buried inside the riverbeds in the depth of about two metres. The pumps are then able to suck out water from the sand which is then purified for human consumption.

Speaking during the official opening of the project, the minister said the success of the project could be a breakthrough to many water problems that the country faced, saying she hopes the people that have done the project could impart their skills to other provinces.

“As a country, we’re already buying water at a great cost from our neighbouring countries such as Lesotho, and of late, we’re even considering buying water from a country as far as DRC (Congo) which has so much water that it pours out hundred thousand litres of water into the sea per hour,” she said.

“A technology like this can be very helpful if implemented throughout the country, especially in the areas where there is water problem,” she continued, thanking the chairperson of Lepelle Northern Water interim board Joe Mathebula for fast-tracking water projects in the province including that one of drawing water from Nandoni dam in Vhembe district to Greater Giyani municipality.

The project is said to have a capacity to produce 700 000 litres of water per day, which is enough to supply more than 10 thousands households. This however, is said to be more than a surplus for the Sikhiming community which has only 1763 households.

The surplus means well to the neighbouring villages that have the same water challenges. They would now be able to share the spoil while they wait for their applications to have the same project implemented in their own villages approved.

Speaking on behalf of the community of Sikhiming village, the chairperson of the community forum Benjamin Malatji said the community demands that there be households’ water reticulation system around the village in order to enable residents to receive water from their homes rather than having to travel to fetch water elsewhere.

“So far we’re happy that we finally have water right here in our village,” explained Malatji saying he would however be happy if the government could help install pipelines around the village so that everyone of them would be able to access water in the comfort of their own homes.

Minister for Human Settlement, Water and Sanitation Lindiwe Sisulu speaking recently at Sikhiming village in Giyani