Rain brought some relief

Rain brought some relief

The recent rains did not only bring some relief in most parts of the province that were hard hit by drought. It also brought hope in the families whose breadwinners are anglers who spend their time fishing by the bank of Nsami dam every day.

Hasani Baloyi is one of the anglers who fish by this bank. To him the abundance of water at Nsami dam does not only signifies the end of water struggle which saw many people scramble to get a drop of water last year, it also signifies an opportunity for more fish for his family.

Unlike other anglers who sell their catch in town, Baloyi sells his catch right there by the dam and in the community where he lives. “There are people who wait for me at home to buy fresh fish when I return in the evenings,” he explained.

Baloyi is no different to the rest of the individual traders that are found in Giyani town. Each day these hawkers fight tooth-and-nails to ensure that their families have something to eat through the little sales that they make. These sales, however small they may look, boost local economy with jobs creation.

The municipality has therefore developed strategies through which it supports hawkers in the form of creating conducive working environment for them. “We have started a process of registering them,” explained the head for Strategic Planning and Local Economic Development Cllr Elisa Mabunda, saying the municipality plans to set aside a budget in future in order to build them a flea market.

According to her, local hawkers contribute up to 8% of the municipality’s economic growth. “Our informal studies indicate that we have a circulation amount of more than R50 000 a day between local businesses and hawkers, of which is very important for job creation,” she said.

One of the anglers at Nsami dam preparing his catch. Fish caught at Nsami dam for sale