Mayor clears confusion

Mayor clears confusion

Mayor Cllr Basani Shibambu clears confusion around covid19 funerals

Due to recent spike in coronavirus’ deaths, funerals arrangements have been a thorn in the flesh for people that have lost their loved ones due confusion on how the copse should be buried. Many funeral undertakers are said to be experiencing resistant from clients who do not react well to the idea of having their loved ones buried without the usual tradition of bringing the corpse home to say final goodbyes before it is sent to the cemetery for burial.

The big question in many people’s mind is why they would need to treat their loved ones as covid-19 victims while they know that they were not killed by coronavirus. What people do not know though is that a corpse could come out from mortuary with coronavirus infection even if the person did not die from it.

According to the mayor Cllr Basani Shibambu, this is because many funeral undertakers did not anticipate for covid-19 pandemic when they built their mortuaries; hence most of them store dead bodies in the same storeroom due to limited capacity.

“Unfortunately this result in some corpses contracting the virus from the storeroom, and when the unsuspecting next of kin take the corpse home to be viewed before burial, the virus jumps off to anyone that come close to the coffin.

“This is why we’re saying that, if possible, please treat every corpse as a victim of coronavirus so that one death will not lead to many funerals,” explained the mayor urging people to avoid funerals by all means unless necessary.