Municipal fail residents despite resources

Municipal fail residents despite resources

In October 2017 Greater Giyani municipality spent millions of rands purchasing TLBs and sands scooper vehicle which was supposed to be used for sweeping sands off the streets quicker than human labour.

However, up to now the vehicle has not been used, yet the town’s streets are topped with sands from years of soil erosions as there are no street sweepers, except for EPWP workers who are seen occasionally working in the streets.

After the recent rains, most of the streets in and around Greater Giyani township were filled with sands. As that was not bad enough, the streets were left riddled with potholes for longer period while the municipality scrambled for materials to repair them.

Before the sands scooper tool was purchased, the municipality used to argue that it did not have enough tools to sweep the streets. However, since it bought the sweeping tool it is keeping mum on why it is not in operation despite a huge demand for its service around the township.

Asked about this, the municipal spokesperson Steve Mavunda did not provide a clear answer on why the sweeping vehicle was not in use, except for that the municipality was busy working on clearing the streets. “We have engaged the teams to clean sands on the streets. We ran out of material for potholes, but will be delivered anytime from today hence our teams were filling potholes with sands as a temporary measure,” he said.